Jean Milburn
Gillian Anderson’s character in the Netflix series, Sex Education is all about women’s empowerment and sexiness. Because being sexy doesn’t make you weak or less independent, embrace it and dress up like Jean Milburn. The jumpsuit... Read More
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Are you ready for Sex Education?

Otis finally loosens up -- often and epically -- but the pressure’s on to perform as chlamydia hits the school and mates struggle with new issues.

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We know how it is to have problems, to have work frustrations. We are young minds floating in time and trap between our jobs and young couples’ life duties. The new f*cking circle of life.
With jobs in design and fashion along with a purpose to share our knowledge, taste, and worries that we found out in things who influence our every day, we are ready to write for you.
As the ’80s and 90’s babies that we are, we see movies, music videos, songs tastes, changes every day. We saw companies grow up big after the ’00s, we saw influential platforms commending our lives, tastes, and decisions. We know that marketing is real, and we hate it as much we love it.
With all these exposed we tend to miss fastest the old things and scream for new and upgraded ones at the same time.
We live with the wish of running from this type of life, and live unplugged, but our jobs don’t allow us, so instead of getting frustrated every day, we start to writing for you or even about you, we never know. Believing that music influences our mood, our creativity our taste and influences fashion as much fashion influences music, we create inspired playlists, we write about nostalgic memories and ultimate trends.
Hereupon, we are ready to take you in time fashion travels, presenting you new artists, get you to know new interesting personas, changing your mood with music, simplify the search for new things.
There is a lot of interesting people and brands that you don’t know and should know, and a lot of impressive details hidden in big videos that make the difference, therefore we are here, to collect that and resume for you.
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