Interview with Elizabeth Thomas James from Taylor + Thomas

shoe brand with a new perspective on ethics and luxury

Launched in 2018, Taylor + Thomas bond conscious consumption with elevated taste, together with the responsibility to the health of our planet, people, and animals who inhabit it, today and for generations to come. In other words, the shoe brand stands for something better and stops to appreciate the beauty in every detail. Co-founders Jessica Taylor Mead and Elizabeth Thomas James met in a footwear design class and the connection was kismet.

Here is, a quick interview with Taylor + Thomas Co-Founder, Elizabeth Thomas James. Get to know the woman behind an amazing ethical shoe brand, placed in an industry mostly dominated by male makers.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Taylor + Thomas

1. Are you a morning or night person?


2. If you could trade lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

Jane Goodall. I would just love to inhabit her mind, her experiences, her conviction.

3. If a film were made out of your life, what genre would it be and who would play you?

I think it would be a drama, maybe a romantic drama. My husband and I have been through quite a lot over our 17 year relationship. I have no idea who would play me… but I am told I look like Kate Bosworth quite often.

Elizabeth Thomas James & Jessica Taylor Mead

Taylor + Thomas Co-Founders

Taylor + Thomas Co-founders

4. If you were famous what would you be famous for?

I would love to be famous for animal-rights work.

5. In a music playlist about your life what song couldn’t miss?

Some Kinda Love by The Velvet Underground

6. What song are you listening to now?

Juniper Arms by Adam Torres

7. Name one brand you always look up for.

Stella McCartney. She was a pioneer in making luxury fashion sustainable and cruelty-free.

8. What did you want to be when you were younger?

A marine biologist. I’ve always loved the ocean, and especially dolphins.

9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how sustainable is your brand/company?


Sustainable materials – sourced from Italy and Japan – are interwoven with meticulous design details expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Taylor + Thomas

10. What is your favorite piece from the collection and why?

That’s a tough question, obviously, I love all of our designs! If I have to choose just one… the Marianne. It’s a sexy yet tough and comfortable heel, so flattering and eye-catching.

11. How did you get into this (Taylor + Thomas)?

As a vegan, I was still wearing leather shoes because I could not vegan shoes that were stylish, comfortable, or eco-friendly enough. After 10+ years in the music industry, I decided to take the leap and follow my dream of making these shoes myself.

12. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Lots of places… art, photography, music, trail-blazing women. All of our shoes are named after female icons, i.e. Patti Smith, Jane Birkin, Debbie Harry.

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