Wardrobe Essentials

15 Wardrobe Essentials for a Sustainable Closet

Timeless pieces that will transcend every trend

The most compelling evidence that you have a sustainable closet is the existence of timeless pieces.  Sustainability is especially relatable with waste. Presently as you all know the fast fashion industry is one of the most pollute industries. With this in mind, we should shop smart. We can start by acquiring some versatile wardrobe essentials, that will last a good amount of years, and make your closet more sustainable.

We may agree that at the end of the day the majority of what we wear are basics. In the first place, they make day-to-day dressing easier and equally guarantees a smart style no matter the occasion.

In the hope that we can help you to improve your closet with staple pieces, here is a selection of  15 Wardrobe Essentials, complete with timeless pieces that you will be able to mix and match for years to come, and maintain a sustainable lifestyle in fashion.  

List of 15 Wardrobe Essentials to Maintain a Sustainable Closet with Good Quality Timeless Pieces

Purchase good quality timeless pieces is a good way, of not overstrain our beautiful planet, with more fast productions, of which we tire quickly. Here is a list of 15 solid wardrobe essentials, that are forever trendy.

1. Plain White Tee

Kowtow | Garmentory

Kowtow’s contemporary fashion line uses only 100% fair trade certified cotton and works hard to ensure their employees from Kolkata, India receives fair wages and employee benefits.

Flo Let The Flowers Flow | The Good Apparel

The white t-shirt, in its most sustainable version, will provide you freshness, even on the hottest days. Let yourself be caressed by the softness of bamboo. 

PHYNE | The Good Apparel

Streetwear but make it ethical – PHYNE is a trailblazer in a fair and sustainable fashion. Making versatile and high-quality styles, their designs are effortless, understated and elevate

Starting off with the most timeless and also essential piece that everyone should have in the closet: Good Quality White T-Shirt. In the first place, is the most casual and simple apparel to combine, and it’s easy to store and organize in your wardrobe. And generally speaking, will never get out of style.

2. Vintage Look Jeans

RE/DONE | Löfte Collection

Every pair of jeans is made using recycled and eco-friendly denim.

Citizens of Humanity | Garmentory

The Soundtrack wash is light indigo from Citizens of Humanity’s Premium Vintage Collection.

Still Here New York | Garmentory

Designed in NYC and consciously produced in Los Angeles, Still Here is forging a new future for denim by bringing novelty and consciousness to a seasoned industry.

Another classic to add in your Wardrobe Essentials Sustainable Closet is a Good Pair of Vintage Look Jeans. Here and there we have been travel and collect trends from the ’80s and ’90s like crazy. Provided that, you were able to make a time travel to your mom’s wardrobe and stole the pair of jeans that she rocked in her young adult days. So it’s easy to conclude, from time to time fashion repeats yourself. Meanwhile, if you purchase a remarkable pair of jeans, with not too much detail and not bleached, you will be able of using that pair for a good and sustainable amount of time, as well as your kids in the future. By the time if you prefer you can donate them. Given that you will help others and the environment, by maintaining the circle of clothes longer.

3. Vegan Leather Biker Jacket

Will’s Vegan Store

Only using vegan materials from the uppers & linings to the glue, all Will’s products are registered with the Vegan Society and are embossed with their trademark, and they also are award-winning PETA Approved company.

Deadwood Studios | Garmentory

Classic fitted leather biker jacket made from recycled lambskin with a lining made from recycled PET bottles.

As can be seen, the moto or biker jacket is another popular piece. After all, is in every store in the most variable colors. Instead of purchasing one every season, it’s better to acquire a good-made vegan biker jacket.

4. Structured Blazer

15 Wardrobe Essentials for a Sustainable Closet
FRAME Denim | Garmentory
MARELLA | Garmentory
Timeless Wardrobe Essentials
Third Form | Garmentory

Overall, you will always end up having a meeting day, a dinner, n the middle of the week, that requires a sophisticated look. Of course, we all have been there. With attention to all that, the Structured Blazer will be the fireman in your closet. On the positive side, it’s easy to style, and versatile enough for creating a casual-chic look as well as a very fancy luxurious look.

5. Black Pants

Ali Golden | Garmentory

Made with love in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility in Hong Kong. 25% Linen, 75% Tencel

Odeyalo | Garmentory

Made in Montreal, Canada in 66% bamboo rayon/ 28% cotton/ 6% spandex

ALICE EARLY | Löfte Direct

Alice Early creates your essential sustainable wardrobe; effortlessly elegant, classic, versatile, and contemporary. Made from organic cotton and wool woven in Yorkshire.

The other firemen in your closet will be black pants. Likewise the blazer, the black pants are perfect for every moment. A black pair of pants is truly the most basic and essential as well as the most versatile piece.

6. Day-to-night Dress

Sessun | Garmentory

Seeking to defend an ethical stance, Sessun uses organic fibers and fair trade works as much as possible.

Whimsy + Row | Garmentory

Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles. Birthed out of a love for quality-made goods and sustainable practices, the environmentally-responsible line aims to provide easy, sophisticated pieces for the modern, creative woman.


The vegan satin dress in midi length is made of viscose LENZING™ ECOVERO™

About the Day-to-night Dress, this is what you need to have into consideration. In the first place this is about you, so consider purchasing a comfy fit that suits you and your taste. As much as you may think that a closet full of basics is boring, it will surprise you how much you will be able to mix and match those pieces. In that case, don’t acquire very detailed or colorful prints. Make it easy and go for more simple prints as well as stable colors, or for colors that you really love to repeat.

7. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
ALICE EARLY | Löfte Direct

Alice Early creates your essential sustainable wardrobe; effortlessly elegant, classic, versatile, and contemporary. Made from organic cotton and wool woven in Yorkshire, finished with hand-stitched Corozo buttons, designed and made in London.

MARY YOUNG | Garmentory

Canadian designed and produced. With a fitted body, sitting mid-thigh, and two side slits to ensure ease in movement this dress is a go-to staple for anyone’s closet. Fabric: 95% Rayon of Bamboo, 5% Elastane.

Birds of North America | Garmentory

Elegance, versatility, and comfort, this dress really has it all! Made in Canada.

Up to the present time, there is no more sassy and elegant wardrobe piece that the little black dress. It gives all without showing anything. You can use it whenever going to a date, to work, or just dinner out with friends.

8. Matching Sweatsuit

Apiece Apart | Garmentory

Click here to find the sweat pants, for full look.

Soft Focus | Garmentory

Get the full look, click here to find the sweat pants.

Wol Hide | Garmentory

Complete the look: find the t-shirt here, find the sweatpants here.

The matching sweatsuits were a big thing in the past however the style is back. Despite the novelty trend, this will always be a perfect lounge and comfy choice. Therefore they deserve a space in your wardrobe.

9. Camel Overcoat

Anine Bing | Garmentory

This modern but classic coat from Anine Bing brings a new effortlessness to cold weather fashion. 10% Cashmere, 90% Wool

Lera Pivovarova | Garmentory

Hand-tailored oversized wool coat.

Samsoe & Samsoe | Garmentory

The Samsoe Samsoe Falcon Long Coat is a contemporary take on a classic. Main fabric: 70% Recycled wool, 20% Polyester, 5% Recycled polyamide, 5% Other fibers

If you want to have a Sustainable Closet, complete with Essentials pieces, the camel overcoat is indispensable. Different from the black coat, who has a tendency to grab fur and look old very fast. The camel overcoat, in general, doesn’t wear out so fast. On the whole, if your wardrobe is most complete with black, gray, and neutral tons this coat is perfect for every winter outfits.

10. Neutral Tone Sweater

Lauren Manoogian | Garmentory

Lauren Manoogian makes the kind of pieces you can’t help but fall in love with. Her line of delicate knits and statement jewelry, made with organic materials, have a kind of mastery to them that makes wearing them feel special

It Is Well L.A. | Garmentory

100% Cotton Made in California.

L’Envers | The Good Apparel

Sustainable pieces knitted in small editions from natural wool, organic cotton, and organic hemp, locally handmade by artisans.

Next, you have a Neutral Tone Sweater. Eventually, you will end up wearing it along with the pair of jeans and a white shirt below, or styling it including the sweater pants from the sweatsuit, complete with the camel overcoat. The secret here is to acquire a good quality piece made from organic materials.

11. White Shirt

Flo Let The Flowers Flow | The Good Apparel

Abelia White Shirt Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Tencel.

Xirena | Garmentory

Classic white button-down with the perfect boyfriend fit. Made from lovely cotton poplin in downtown Los Angeles.

LACAUSA Clothing | Garmentory

Made in downtown Los Angeles. 100 % cotton with subtle twill texture, in slightly oversized fit.

The white shirt has, has as much meaning as the black pants. It will always be that piece you will wear whatever you need to look elegant, and well dressed with no effort. The white shirt is a solid piece in your Wardrobe Essentials Sustainable Closet, today and forever.

12. Pearl Earrings

Olivia & Pearl

Blending the classic with the modern is at the heart of Olivia & Pearl’s philosophy. The pearl earring climber is the ultimate embodiment of that ideal.

Amadeus | The Good Apparel

Recycled and purified Fair Trade 14 Carat gold vermeil, Natural white sea pearl hand-picked from an eco-friendly pearl farm in the Philippines.

Wolf Circus | Garmentory

Wolf Circus is a Vancouver-based brand run entirely by women that hand-make your new favorite accessories.

Above all jewelry pieces, the pearl earring will always be the easiest to style and perfect for day-to-night outfits.

13. Shoulder Bag

Matt & Nat | Garmentory

M&N is a vegan brand therefore there are no animal products used in production. The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Kwonn | Garmentory

With consciousness at the brand’s core, their unique fabric is made with plant-based polymers and recycled polyester. Cruelty-free. Washable. Unlined. No hardware. Ultra-lightweight. PVC and Toxin-free.

HVISK | Garmentory

HVISK is a 100% vegan brand that works on sustainable changes by sourcing recycled and eco-conscious materials. The recycled materials used by the brand, are GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard).

Among all the bags that you may want to purchase, overall one of the most amazing and everyday suitable styles is a Shoulder Bag. Most of the time this type of bag comes with the necessary size for your everyday routine. Certainly, you may be tired of looking for everything in black and brown tones, but in fact, this still the best color for a timeless piece, for Wardrobe Essentials Sustainable Closet.

14. White Sneakers

Good News | Garmentory

White organic cotton unisex sneaker. Features a flexible and durable black rubber sole made with non-toxic recycled rubber. GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Beflamboyant | The Good Apparel

Acknowledging that sewing each pair of shoes requires the precision of a surgeon, Beflamboyant offers an exclusive collection of Portuguese made vegan sneakers. PETA approved.


Sustainable sneakers crafted in 100% eco-vegan materials and with plastic from the Ocean. Upper and lining made with Organic Cotton (Gots and Fair Trade certified), a natural rubber outsole with plastic trash from the ocean. Made in Portugal.

Whenever you want to be more comfortable and still elegant, you have the White Sneakers. Complete with a simple style, they are perfect to mix and match every single piece demonstrate above. When you have a wardrobe complete with classic timeless pieces is that simple to achieve looks.

15. Ankle Boots

Matt & Nat | Garmentory

Designed and produced ethically. Sustainable materials constantly sourced in design. Matt & Nat also uses 100% recycled materials for the linings in all products and recycles on average 3 million bottles into products every year.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather | The Good Apparel

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather is a cruelty-free shoe brand. These particular boots are made of vegan leather from apple skin microfibre, microfibre lining, rubber sole.

Wardrobe Essentials Sustainable Closet
Sylven New York

Available in both sustainable leather and vegan options. Handcrafted in Italy.

In order to make your Wardrobe Essentials Sustainable Closet complete we end up with the Ankle Boots. While the white sneakers give casual look to your outfit, if you dress the same way and change to ankle boots, the look will be right way more classic. Given that, buying a good pair of ankle boots, with no heel or just with a small heel is always a good choice.

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