Muscle Tees The Padded Shoulders T-shirts Inspo

Muscle Tees: The Padded Shoulders T-shirts

to carry all power that you have

2020 defines a new trend that retakes, as a matter of fact, a big statement in the 80’s fashion. Seeing that, let’s find out a little more about the Muscle Tees: The Padded Shoulders T-shirts.

The shoulder pad usually is strategically placed on the Blazer’s shoulder. For the purpose of giving a structured and well-fitted look. In women’s fashion, this trend appeared in the 1980s, mainly in business clothing. And because fashion is made of big happenings and is always in time with world events, the big shoulders in women’s fashion, has an important connotation.

How Important The Padded Shoulders Are in Fashion?

The ’80s was the decade where most women were able to find business and important positions in companies. That is to say, that women had a position to maintain and qualities to prove. To make sure they would fit, women acquired a more manly appearance. As a result, the broad shoulder trend came up. With this intention, women looked more like men. Overall, in fashion, wide shoulders mean independence and strength.

Because nothing it is just fashionable. Get you some Muscle Tees: The Padded Shoulders T-shirts, and show them who is the new superhero.

Muscle Tees With Padded Shoulders

SHOP | W A N T S sleeveles padded shoulder T-shirt at Garmentory

WANTS is an online concept store that curates a collection of unconventional pieces of clothing & accessories from emerging brands worldwide and international selections from Korea, Australia, Japan, London, Los Angeles & more.

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100% ringspun cotton

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SHOP | Moonpaper Miko padded shoulder t-shirt at Garmentory

SHOP | Frankie Shop Eva padded cotton t-shirt at Farfetch

SHOP | NonChalant sin top at Garmentory

In case you are looking for a different kind of muscle tee, you can go with the NonChalant Sin Top.

SHOP |Frankie shoulder pads tee at Garmentory

The last choice goes to a padded shoulder t-shirt. As can be seeing, all styles above are tank tops. However, if you are not a fan of tank tops, you don’t need to give up on this trend. You can always give it a try in with a regular T-shirt with padded shoulders.

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