Dress Up Like Jennie Kim How You Like That MV

Dress Up Like Jennie in How You Like That MV

How You Like That

How You Like That
YG Entertainment
Dress Up Like Jennie in How You Like That
Pearl Hair Clips

Our super talented Kpop Queens are back, with a new single: How You Like That as well as a full pocket of broken records. Such as the record for the most-watched premiere on youtube. The record for the most views within 24 hours for an MV, accumulating 86.3 million views, as well as records for fastest to 100 million and 200 million views. And the list never ends. However, I want to talk about a little detail. The Jennie Kim Pearl Hair Clips in the very first outfit. That cute details really catch my eye. Let’s find out how you can complete your look and Dress Up Like Jennie in How You Like That MV.

BLACKPINK is in our area and they came to stay. Not just talking about the amazing songs, vocals, or the crazy Lisa dance moves. But their wardrobe is everything. Not to mention the Inkigayo show where the group was all match in Marine Serre outfits.

Dress Up Like Jennie in How You Like That MV

As such details are important to catch our attention and so complete a look. I have decided to bring to the scene the pearl hair clips wear by Jennie Kim in the first look of the MV. As much as beautiful the looks can be, they are not affordable to everyone,  under those circumstances, these air clips are. And they really complete the outfit and give a fancy touch style.

The Pearl Hair Clips

I was scrolling on the TFR Instagram feed when I saw the amazing photo of @tezza. If I already was absolutely in love with this accessory, she made me love even more. I really love the way she styled her hair-clip.

💎 click here to dress up like BLACKPINK Lisa in in Kill This Love Music Video.

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