Women’secret Racer Back Lace Bralette Review The Fashion Request

Women’secret Racerback Lace Bralette Review

A design brimming with details to make you feel sexy

Founded in 1993, Women’secret is a Spanish brand of underwear, sleepwear, accessories, and swimwear for modern women. Specialized in the feminine universe, Women’secret has a Racerback Lace Bralette which is what we will review.

About the composition

Racerback Lace Bralette | 90%Polyamide 10% Elastane.

Polyamide fabric is a general term that is used to refer to a variety of different fabrics made from strings of polyamide monomers. You may know it as nylon, but there are quite a few different varieties of this textile. Polyamide fabric is popular for its softness, elasticity, and resistance. The production of polyamide fabrics generally has a negative impact on the environment.

Elastane is the generic term used to describe branded textiles such as Lycra. We regularly call spandex to this type of fabric, and its primary attribute is its incredible elasticity.

About the environmental impact

The negative impact caused by elastane and polyamide is debatable. Once the main components of these fabrics are formulated in the laboratory, the acquisition of raw materials for elastane and polyamide is not considered an environmentally degrading process.

However, the process of manufacturing of these fabrics is energy-intensive, and it involves the use of a variety of toxic chemicals. Fabrics made with these substances do not break down over time in nature. The negative impact caused by elastane and polyamide is debatable. In addition, the components of elastane and polyamide cannot be replaced by organic and biodegradable fabrics. As a result, these substances pollute the environment when trash away. Also, small fibers leave the garments at the time of washing.

About the design

We appreciate the Racerback Lace Bralette and its delicate details. Also, you may love the bralette because it is padded and has no underwire therefore you will feel sexy while comfortable. Black is the only color available for now.

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The Fashion Request Team

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Women’secret Racer Back Lace Bralette Review The Fashion Request
Women’secret Racerback Lace Bralette Review
In general, the price is not bad for this type of bralette. However, these fabrics tend to pick up lint and make the garment quickly disposable. Taking into account the characteristics of the fabric, and the little use, these become not so positively conscious. In case you are looking for some comfortable, sexy, and latest fashion pieces, and not so priceless this seems perfect for you.
Comfort Level
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Mass production
Quick wear of the fabric
Not so remarkable

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