The Sustainable Jeans You Need

The Sustainable Jeans You Need

in three shades for a perfect wardrobe

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Sustainability in fashion is about respect for our planet, ethical values, and responsibility in the manufacturing process. However, as a consumer, what we can do to adapt is to acquire new ways of shopping and look for durable clothing and conscious brands.

A good solution is going for basic, quality pieces with a good fitting that we know we can coordinate in several looks. For this reason, one of the staple pieces you need is a pair of Jeans. In that case, make it triple, for three wash tones. The Sustainable Jeans You Need, from löfte, for a complete wardrobe.

Löfte has a carefully curated collection of luxury brands, influenced by the Scandinavian style. Overall, we love löfte because they have a selection of exciting and sustainable fashion brands that use ethically sourced materials.

The Sustainable Jeans You Need Are Available On Löfte

We have selected, three pairs of perfect and elegant RE/DONE jeans from löfte capsule collection. For the reason that being sustainable doesn’t mean letting go out of style. Every pair of RE/DONE jeans is made by using recycled and eco-friendly denim. Together with, high rise stove pipe fitting, the RE/DONE jeans, available on löfte, are a timeless classic and a wardrobe essential.

In detail, for a summer approach, you can go for a pair of vintage light blue classical wash Jeans.

The all-black jeans are perfect for effortless, but also excessive looks. Not to mention, clean and elegant outfits. You never go wrong with all-black jeans. Once you decide to buy such a versatile piece, choose it good and durable.

Although all-black jeans are a classic piece, it’s good to have something, not just that simple. Instead, you can choose a faded black Jeans for a more personalized and risky style and not for such a clean type of outfit.

These jeans are from Löfte Collection, which means that the product is part of löfte capsule collection. This will be shipped directly from löfte in eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable packaging.

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