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The Eye-shaped Mirrors Trend

the walls have eyes too

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Natural Maela Mirror

Eye decoration is sudden everywhere. Due to catchy design, with fine lines, the graphic eye shape is the decor reference you need in your home. Coupled with some artisan decor and linen fabric the Eye-shaped Mirrors will stay perfect in your wall.

The eye-shape looks like a reference to the evil eye, existent in some cultures in variant forms, colors, or shapes. However, most of the creation and the acquisitions don’t need to be just relatable to that. Ending up for being just a trend that comes with the increased interest in astrology as well as the occult.

However, you don’t need to believe in this or to approach this time of astrology or ancient knowledge to have one. There is no brand indication or staple focus saying that the eye shape comes of these beliefs. As can be seen, the Eye-shaped Mirrors will end up giving your space an elegant feminine aesthetic with boho inspiration.

Complete Your Wall with Eye-shaped Mirrors

In order to achieve a complete eye-shaped inspired decoration click here, to find the Eye-Shaped Mirror in black. The Maela mirror with a black finish, which has been designed by the Kave Home team. It has a rattan frame in the shape of an eye. This piece is 100% handmade; the rattan is shaped, treated, and painted by hand. 

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