Sustainable Wedding Guest

Sustainable Wedding Guest Dresses

for the most memorable moments

Whenever it comes time to choose the perfect dress, to attend a wedding, the challenge begins. We are always with attention to the weather, the set, the comfort (or not, sometimes we really forget about that). Therefore we take to long, to find THE dress. When we add sustainable awareness to all these thoughts, along with the complete product life cycle, we create a new challenge. To lessen your worries, we reunited a list of beautiful Sustainable Wedding Guest Dresses, for new memorable moments.

It is important to realize that items are selected from brands that respect the slow fashion. In this case, we are talking about conscious production, natural or organic fibers, ethical work, and durable clothes.

Sustainable Wedding Guest Dresses

Quepam Dress from Paloma Wool

100% Viscose | Made in Barcelona

This is a single wide strap fitted knit dress with lateral slit. Paloma Wool is a multidisciplinary creative project that brings together artists to collaborate on the making of each collection. Founded designer Paloma Lanna, they create timeless pieces that are produced locally in Barcelona and, equally important, the brand remains detached from the seasons of the fashion industry.

Shop| The Paloma Wool Dress

Lola Wrap Dress

100% recycled rayon | Sustainably made in Los Angeles

Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles. Birthed out of a love for quality-made goods and sustainable practices, coupled with an environmentally-responsible line that aims to provide easy, sophisticated pieces for the modern, creative woman.

Shop | Whimsy + Row Lola Wrap Dress in Rust Color
Shop | Whimsy + Row Lola Wrap Dress in Black Color
Shop | Whimsy + Row Lola Wrap Dress in Blush Color
Shop | Whimsy + Row Lola Wrap Dress in Hunter Green

The Yellow Sustainable Dress by A Perfect Nomad

100% Silk | Hand-made in India

A Perfect Nomad in essence is a luxury, organic, and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetic of the bohemian traveler.

Shop | A Perfect Nomad Backless Syros Dress

Fuchsia Gown

100% silk | Sustainably and Ethically Made in California.

San Francisco women’s wear label, Kamperett, creates timeless styles that make women feel comfortable and confident, all the while looking polished and stylish. Is ethically manufactured in California factories, using only the highest quality materials.

Shop | Kamperett Maxi Wrap Dress

The Emmaine Gown – Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

100% Cotton |

The Emmaline Gown is a vintage-inspired piece, with a full ruffle tiered skirt, romantic poet sleeves, elastic cuffs, and neckline. In addition, can be worn on or off the shoulder and comes with a matching removable waist tie. This piece will soften over time and only get better with age.

How to wear it: @soph_hab
Shop | · HAZEL + FOLK ·

Are you looking for more sustainable options ?

In general, it is possible to become sustainable and maintain an elegant and sunny appearance. Linen is perfect for monochromatic looks and is ideal to match delicate gold jewelry. And with a cotton dress, you will also have the fluid look that you certainly desire.

🌴  As can be seen, there are numerous options, and if you look for something different, you can click here and look for some Summer Linen Pieces

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