Sun­glass­es worn by Oh Soo Ah in Itae­won Class

perfect for businesswomen

Kim Sung-yoon
Based on
Itaewon Class by Gwang Jin
Park Seo-joon, Kwon Na-ra
JTBC, Netflix (international)
Find The Black Sun­glass­es worn by Kwon Na-ra in Itae­won Class Farfetch
Gentle Monster Solo 01 round-frame sunglasses

We are definitively obsessed with Itaewon Class. I’m ready to see it over and over again. Not only because of the entrepreneurship and the love triangle but also the fashionable items. In this Netflix series, the outfits are on another level. First, the streetwear couldn’t be more perfect for the cast, second, the hairstyles and third the elegance in businesswear. Seriously it’s impossible not to fall in love! In the middle of all this, we had to highlight the Black Sun­glass­es worn by Oh Soo Ah in Itae­won Class Episode 7.

Oh Soo Ah character during the series gives us all mixed feelings. We grow up with her and her strength, but then she looks like giving up on fighting for Park Sae‑ro‑yi (Park Seo-joon). Role well played by Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-mi).

But despite all that, her fashion sense and business style really improve. All that belted blazers, plaid fabrics, winter coats, suited amazing on her and form the perfect businesswear. However, the statement accessorizes are the Black Sunglasses worn by Oh Soo Ah in Itaewon Class Episode 7. We have a lot of Sun­glass­es scenes in Itae­won Class and it’s important to realize how they all give a grow up look to the characters. Even when we talk about Oh Soo Ah, despite she didn’t fight back as much as we wish, the sunglasses kinda transforms her. And we love that!

Why Sun­glass­es worn by Oh Soo Ah in Itae­won Class Stay So Good In Park Sae‑ro‑yi?

We don’t know for sure if they are rocking the same Black Sunglasses from Gentle Monster. But we may conclude that it is pretty similar. As a result, you may want to purchase one and share it with your boyfriend.

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