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Straw Hat: Summer Vacations Trend

Let's Go Plan Your Trip

At this time we are all thinking about how much we need summer and especially vacations. Indeed the time for choosing the perfect island or the beautiful city, for your trip has arrived. With that comes the process of choosing the ideal accessories along with the outfits. And the one you can’t forget it is the most perfect and elegant straw hat.

Why You Need a Straw Hat?

Clearly, the first addition to the travel bag is your favorite skin sunscreen, take care of yourself. Hereupon we can move to the accessory who also protects you of the sun and gives you the superb summer style. Straw hats are beautiful and elegant and always give the ideal summer vibe to your pictures.

Kylie Jenner Summer Style The Oversized Straw Hat

Oversized Straw Hats

Without a doubt the bigger the hat, the bigger the impact. In the case you are looking for an oversized straw hat inspired by Kylie Jenner here is a brief lineup.

SHOP | San Diego Hat 
SHOP | Lola Hats 
SHOP | Avenue The Label Sunhat 
SHOP | Greenpacha Hat

Embroidered Straw Hat

Show your mood through your hat. Not only you can turn your pool look different but also have the different pictures that you are looking for.

SHOP | Trina Turk

Fringed Straw Hats

Fringed straw hats, always have that uniquely aesthetic. It gives a hand-made image to the hat. Not to mention, the connection with beach umbrellas from paradisiac places.

SHOP | Whyeth Sienna Hat
SHOP | Avenue The Label
SHOP | Tracy Watts
SHOP | Lola

Colored Straw Summer Hats

Color your look. To emphasize your summer happiness and give color to your outfit, these are the best hats.

SHOP | Esenshel
SHOP | Artesano
SHOP | Clyde
SHOP | Clyde 2 Tone Cowboy Hat

The Most Different Sun Hats

In addition to an alternative to the oversized hats, you can choose a detailed one. It’s not about going big but going different. Besides, you will have the opportunity to create a spotlight outfit.

SHOP | Jeanne Simmons Criss Cross Hat
SHOP | CLYDE Square Hat
SHOP | Avenue The Label

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