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Stay Home Shopping Guide

for a cozy house

Staying home shouldn’t make us feel uncomfortable or incomplete. Staying home should be all about revitalization and self-relaxation, even when you are by yourself. We can love our house although being summer and want to stay home. Instead of hating on that, let’s make your place more comfortable and cozy. Here is a Stay Home Shopping Guide, to improves your house environment.

Top 5 Stay Home Shopping List

1. Mamounia No.28 Candle

Stay Home Shopping Guide Mamounia Candle
Mamounia No.28 Candle 3-wick – L’Objet

Opening our list is the Mamounia No.28 Candle 3-wick from L’Objet. Inspired in travels and senses memories it will take you on a journey while at home. Scents hold the power to transport us immediately to a place in time, to recapture a mood…or even to entice us with sensual hints of adventures yet to come. Overall, L’Objet presents a collection of aromatic expressions created from natural oils and essences, blended and poured by hand.

Shop | $275


GROW SMAL – Design House Stockholm by Caroline Wetterling

Design House Stockholm is one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary Scandinavian design. It aims to enrich everyday life and change the way people think about their home environment and workplace. With this in mind, we had to choose one of its designer pieces. In the hope that you feel more complete at home, we chose the miniature greenhouse GROW SMAL. The tube also acts as a valve that regulates the moisture and temperature inside the glass greenhouse. Generally speaking, you will have a little environment inside an environment, how cute is that?

Shop | €79



One easy way of accomplishing a cozy mood in your house is by decoring the walls. You will make travels in thoughts. In effect, all the space will be a beautiful contemplation. Just open your windows and let the morning breeze fill the space. Our choice is the LITTLE OCEANSCAPE, from the collection of LITTLE TREASURES from N I C . S T U D I O by the super talented Nicki Lamkin. We are talking about a beautiful 2.5 X 3.5” mini canvas on easel, that in fact will look amazing on your cozy home.

Shop | $55

4. Tree Napper

Tree Napper by Bearaby Color : Avocado

Tree Napper by Bearaby is a naturally cool, fully biodegradable weighted blanket made with nothing but layer upon layer of plant-based TENCEL. Even if it’s summer we want to nap, or just being in our backyard reading a book, while listening to a good stay home Spotify playlist.
Altogether you will end up needing a comfortable blanket to complete our stay home shopping guide.

Shop | $249

5. SIPP Instant

Stay Home Shopping Guide SIPP Coconut Coffee

When we think about shopping for our home, we don’t include groceries as decor most of the time. However, we can agree that an amazing mug of coffee real fills the space. So we looked for, a coffee able to create an amazing travel vibe. Under those circumstances, we found out the SIPP COCONUT COFFEE from Spell. SIPP Coconut Coffee can play a major role in the enhancement of your immunity, reducing allergies, lowering cholesterol levels along with many more health benefits.

Shop | $24.95 AUD

Do you want to improve your Stay Home vibe?

Check the links below to a better house environment.

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