Spotify Love Simon Inspired Playlist

Spotify Love, Simon Inspired Playlist

Spotify playlist made with Love

We created a new playlist inspired by the romantic teen comedy-drama movie Love, Simon. Complete with mean full young love songs. Let’s celebrate the fact of the movie center story being about a teenage gay, who faces friends and family while discovers himself. And remember everyone deserves a great love story. 🎡

The Love, Simon Inspired Playlist Spotify playlist is recommended for all those who dream, who are afraid, but keep on fitting. Never give up your dreams, of your purpose, and always love yourself.

SPOTIFY Love, Simon Inspired Playlist

1. Alec Benjamin – Boy In The Bubble
2. Troye Sivan – YOUTH
3. Justin Burke – I Like You
4. Cub Sport – Come Out
5. Ruel – Dazed & Confused
6. Shawn Mendes – Perfectly Wrong
7. Charli XCX, Troye Sivan – 1999
8. blink-182 – I Really Wish I Hated You
9. gnash – the broken hearts club
10. Bea Miller, 6LACK – it’s not u it’s me
11. Billie Eilish – bury a friend
12. Julia Michaels – Don’t Wanna Think
13. Greyson Chance – white roses
14. Selena Gomez – Cut You Off
15. Nina Nesbitt – Somebody Special – Acoustic Version
16. One Direction – I Want to Write You a Song
17. Peter Manos – You Don’t Know Me
18. Cigarettes After Sex – Young & Dumb
19. Lorde – Perfect Places
20. Cold War Kids, Bishop Briggs – Love On The Brain – Los Feliz Blvd
21. BTS – Best Of Me
22. Why Don’t We – Mad At You
23. Troye Sivan, Allday – for him.

We created this Spotify playlist to help artists become better known by letting you know about new melodies, new stories, new chords. We all have the opportunity to contribute and help build a better world. Starting with the little things. If you identify yourself, help us grow. Follow Us!

🍨 Sound Taste: If you loved the Call Me By Your Name movie, please, check this playlist. Recommended to all who live unforgettable summer love stories. 

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