Rising Style Teen Icons

Rising Style Teen Icons

The Ultimate Millennials

Following all the iconic stars is not easy. The idea is to get out of the box. Get new faces in this influential world of new media-style idols. New spirits with new ideas, full of life and individuality. These are the rising style teen icons. They are shining and making their mark in the fashion business and creating their own scene.

Millie Bobby Brown

15y 🎂 2004, February 19  

The superpowers are real and very fashionable. The youngest person to be included in Time’s 100 most influential people. UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador, Millie Bobby Brown, has signed a two-year contract with Pandora. She rules in Stranger Things and she is rocking all this power in her lifestyle too.

Present in campaigns like Our Family. MyCalvins by Calvin Klein and the Monclear Beyond project by Italian luxury clothing company Moncler. Which the theme spirit was – “pushing the boundaries, thinking more and taking it further.” Millie’s strong youthful presence is perfect for brands like Luis Vuitton. They want to recruit an army of influential young stars that give the brand a new look and introduce the iconic company to a whole new generation. That’s why she is a rising style teen.


Sadie Sink

17y 🎂 2002, April 16

Another rising style teen star, Sadie Sink, is here to show us that the style doesn’t have an age number.  Proving her sense of fashion since breaking into the scene, Sadie as collecting, from the beginning, some style collaborations, and brand endorsements. Pulling up very retro-eighties styles, Sadie has to give us fresh choices and aspirational looks. That is a catch for brands that want to reach younger clients. Becoming a Chanel darling, sitting in the front row in fashion Shows. Leading Vogue Portugal cover, and being chosen to be the face of  Kate Spade Spring/Summer 19 campaign. This appears to be just the beginning.


Rowan Blanchard

18y 🎂 2001, October 14

Best known for headlining a Disney Chanel hit show, Girl Meets World, and also a role in the movie A Wrinkle In Time, Rowan Blanchard is a rising style teen with a very feminist intellectual elegant side. You can praise Blanchard’s world view and teen life emotional representation in her scrapbook Still Here. Wich features art and writing from Blanchard and a number of contributors passion selected by the actress. For example, as poet Rupi Kaur, photographer Gia Coppola, and writer Jenny Zhang. With such mind and feminist presence, Rowan, have been sitting in front row shows, present in amazing photoshoots, and in a new short film The Audition for Valentino


Maddie Ziegler

17y 🎂 2002, September 30

Unlike previous rising style teen, Maddie Ziegler, emerged from the dance arts and has grown beautifully in the entertainment business world. Started appearing on the reality show Dance Moms, Ziegler dance skills drew attention to the amazing singer Sia, what turned out infrequent collaborations, with high-quality work, putting out together over the years by the pair.

This amazing friendship created memorable music videos, live performances, and even Grammy red carpets, which put the young Meddie star in the spotlight as a kid to watch. Now as a teen, she is being around for a few years already, and at this point with every mom loving her, and every teen who grown up aside to her, and for which she became a role model, Ziegler has collected millions of Instagram fallows, and could easily make a living being an influencer. Alongside her sister, Kenzi, the duo recently put out a merchandise line The Ziegler Girls. Coming out from the dance industry Maddie is perfect for active wears brands, so she as being collected for some partnerships. We can see her recently in the Kate Hudson’s Activewear line Fabletics, in a collaboration call MaddieXFabletics.  


Emma Chamberlain

18y 🎂 20012, May 22

A millenium favorite, Emma Chamberlain, Winner of the 2018 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator, and member of the list of The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet by Time Magazine, Chamberlain raised from the streaming world and is a figure to follow, an example of creative youth and style free spirit.

Emma uploaded the first video to her youtube channel in June 2017, she had just 50 subscribers after her first twenty videos. In July 2017 she published what will become her first viral video titled We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology and in August her channel started rapidly gaining subscribers, increasing from 4,000 from the beginning of August to 150,000 until the end of the month.

Her channel then continued to gain approximately 100,000 new subscribers monthly until June 2018. Now in 2019, not so far from the beginning Emma has very present followers, which results in millions of likes in every Instagram post, even if her face isn’t on them. Today we can see her sitting in the front row at Louis VuittonParis Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020 and sharing the spotlight with Victoria Secrets model Karlie Kloss. The key for Emma Chamberlain when brands chose her is the relatable effect that she brings with her, she is just so fabulastic normal, and that became a preference. 


Kristina Pimenova

14y 🎂 2005, December 27

Declared the most beautiful kid, ate age of 9, by Woman Daily magazine, Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful Russian teen model and actress. Making part of the fashion industry from a young age, Pimenova has already featured in many renowned brands campaigns such as Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Benetton, Burberry. With 2 million Instagram followers, Kristina maintains her social media very professional. She shows her modeling work and some of her daily life and friendship moments. This season, the South Korean brand J.Estine has chosen Kristina to be the face of their spring/summer 2019 collection of jewelry and bags. They describe her as the world’s most beautiful face.


Skai Jackson

17y 🎂 2002, April 8

Skai has begun her career as a child model appearing in some commercials but is best known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel series Jessie and Bunk’d. At the age of 15, she was already present at New York Fashion Week as an official ambassador for Teen Vogue. With a very fashionable figure and a very incredible hair, Skai as collecting some red carpet invitations and had the opportunity of creating her own collection with Nowadays, available at Macy’s.


Halle Bailey

19y 🎂 2000, March 27

Known as one of the members from the contemporary R&B duo Chloe x Halle completed with is older sister Chloe. The duo started exposing their talented by covering songs and posted them on their YouTube channel. Discovered in 2015, after the cover of Pretty Hurts, by Beyoncé, she signed with Parkwood Entertainment label. Chloe x Halle already released their debut album, “The kids are alright”, earning their first two Grammy nominations. One for Best New Artist and the other one for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2019. As a rising star teen, Halle Bailey conquered this year an amazing and forever unforgettable timeless role. Nothing more, nothing less than Princess Ariel in Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid. The R&B duo is growing beautifully and their style presence is something to follow. When you plan to coordinate two looks that match two persons and still manage to catch a glimpse of individuality.


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