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Logo T-shirts You Should Be Wearing

proudly done sustainably

When the time comes to show off our love and admiration for a brand, the staple act is to invest in logo t-shirts. However logo tees, always end up being a come and go trend. As can be seen, in the last few years, the promotion of the logo t-shirt was big and was everywhere, yet that passion has been decreasing. 

In general, the street style in 2020 is more minimalist. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on logo t-shirts. On the contrary, you need to have one, but make it small. Smallest the logo, biggest the elegance. In the light of this minimalist trend comes not only the growth of sustainable made clothes but also consumer awareness. 

Logo T-shirts Proudly Done Sustainably

This is what made with love means

Once you invest in a logo t-shirt you are proudly showing your love for the brand. It’s like a big team of brand lovers. In order to promote your consciousness, and join to minimalist logo tees trend, these are the Logo T-shirts You Should Be Wearing.

100% organic cotton

SHOP | Löfte T-shirt

Löfte soft embroidered T-shirts are climate-neutral as well as earth positive (manufactured solely from renewable green energy). Fair wear (ensuring fair pay for workers). In addition, The Löfte soft embroidered t-shirt will arrive in a beautiful plastic-free, recyclable, sustainably sourced packaging.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton

SHOP | KIND Be Kind T-shirt

KIND embroidered Be Kind T-shirt is made in the most humane, ethical, and eco-friendly way possible. Together with Fair Wear and GOTS approved facilities, the brand ensures a safe and fair working environment for all workers. Not to mention absolutely no animal testing. Shipped in plastic-free packaging.

100% ringspun cotton

SHOP | Vegan Outfitters VO Tee

These Vegan Outfitters premium vegan tees are ethically manufactured and then printed fresh by experts in the UK. Expect a classic style (you can wear the sleeves down or rolled up, as pictured) and a comfortable, soft unisex fit.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton

SHOP | Hey, Darling

The Hey, Darling Organic Cotton collection consists of four limited edition t-shirts. Hey, Darling is an environmentally conscious brand, so the production is small. At the same time, this small production is made so that you can feel special with your darling.

Are You Looking For Sustainable Jeans?

We have selected, three pairs of perfect and elegant RE/DONE jeans from löfte capsule collection. Once that being sustainable doesn’t mean letting go out of style. Every pair of RE/DONE jeans is made by using recycled and eco-friendly denim. Together with, high rise stove pipe fitting, the RE/DONE jeans, available on löfte, are a timeless classic and a wardrobe essential. Click here, and see The Sustainable Jeans You Need, from löfte, for a complete wardrobe.

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