Jo Yi seo Tiffany Smile Necklace Itaewon Class

Kim Da-mi Smile Necklace from Tiffany & Co.

After all, love doesn't have a price, or it as?

Kim Sung-yoon
Based on
Itaewon Class by Gwang Jin
Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi
JTBC, Netflix (international)
Kim da mi Tiffany T Smile Pendant
Tiffany T Smile pendant

Now we can see why Kim Da-mi (Jo Yi-seo), was totally flirting the Smile Necklace in her boss’s office. Kim Da-mi’s Tiffany & Co. Smile Necklace’s actual name is Tiffany T Smile Pendant and is undeniably a delicate piece.

By the time that Park Seo-joon (Park Sae‑ro‑yi) understands the feelings that he has for his business manager, he brought her the necklace. Unquestionably the moment represents a caring reminder and gives the jewelry a love statement.

Despite all love, or in this case, the desire of cop the Kim Da-mi Smile Necklace from Tiffany & Co., are you prepared to spoil yourself with one? Because all we know is that the geometric angles and clean lines merge to create the beautiful purity of the Tiffany T collection. The diamonds on the attractive pendant trace an elegant curve. And sometimes I guess that’s all we need to know.

Park Seo-joon (Park Sae‑ro‑yi) – Itaewon Class JTBC series (Netflix (international)

Why is Kim Da-mi Smile Necklace so relevant?

Although the character completes her wardrobe, with a lot of jewelry, Kim Da-mi Smile Necklace from Tiffany & Co. is the one we are talking about. Not just because of the focused camera plan, or the advertising but the meaning. After all the big, bright smiles represented on the pendant relate to Kim Da-mi’s smile. And the price tag on the necklace represents her work for IC company, which we can name priceless. Guess that love is not the only one who can be priceless.

As has been noted the character is a fashion icon and has a lot of interesting clothes. During the series, you are able to see the transformation from her’s fashion influencer street style into workwear fashion.

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