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Headscarf: Hair Summer Trend

An Elegant Twist

Following the comeback of bucket hat’s and baseball caps, the headscarf appears to complete this return of head accessories. With the summer approaching, if caps are too sporty and straw hats to big to transport, in short, the silk scarves are practical and elegant.

Past meets present: headscarf r&b style

Christina Aguilera Performs on MTV’s Show “Christina Aguilera Stripped in NYC 2002”

As well as the late 90s, beginning of the 20s the full head-bandana look was a trend staple. R&b and pop such as Christina, Britney Spears, J-Lo and the princess of this trend, Aaliyah, made this accessory shine. In conclusion, they were the ones everybody looks up to, back in the days.

Spring Summer 2020: Headscarf

Above all the recreation and the bringing back past trends, designers’ brands are the validation of every tendency. That is to say, the hair scarves are present in the spring-summer 2020 fashion shows, as confirmation of the comeback.

Headscarves taking over Instagram

As expected the perfect hair summer trend as already taking over Instagram. Likewise, Sabrina Carpenter, you can pull the silk scarf into a romantic movie style similar. And on the other hand, give it a beach vibe as well as Kendall Jenner. As has been noted the combinations and the outfits to pull your scarf are up to your creativity. Surround it to your handbag while you travel and give it a street elegant as Sofia Boman.

Where I Can Find Headscarves?

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