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This Christmas go Green

End up the decade jumping into the eco-friendly trend. Summing up all the highlights for the past ten years, we may conclude that the green trend is a keeper. Giving love and attention to our planet is more than recycle. Is to respect. And by respecting we mean caring about the natural process, polluting less, and looking for sustainable ways of living. For the purpose of helping you to find planet respectful presents, here is our selection of Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts.

ZOURI as Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Eco-vegan footwear brand

ZOURI EUNICEA Sustainable sneakers crafted in 100% eco-vegan materials and with plastic from the Ocean.

Meet ZOURI the eco-vegan footwear brand that uses plastic trash from the Portuguese coast. With fair and ethical production, 100% Made In Portugal, Zouri transforms plastic trash into raw material. In addition to package, you will receive a letter. To clarify all the materials, the location of plastic and the names of the persons that made your Zouri. The Kings of Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts 👟🎄

Lefrik the urban Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Urban Bags, Backpacks and Travel Essentials

Lefrik SCOUT features easy access to a wide main compartment and a padded 13,6” laptop sleeve on the inside.

Get to know Lefrik, the brand that offers you urban style with eco-consciousness. Complete with colorful models for him and for her and perfect to couples or BFF’s who want to match. Lefrik has been approved as a vegan brand. The products are designed in Spain and ethically manufactured in Asia. Also before you freak out. The company chose Asia because they have the best techniques in making polyester out of recycled plastic PET bottles. 💚


Jewelry For a Conscious Mind as the perfect Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift

BON HOPE One Earth symbolizes living in peace and harmony with mother earth and cherishes our environment. 

BON HOPE is a Swedish sustainable and ethical Jewelry Brand. Defined by the simplicity of Scandinavian design but with unique craftsmanship in Bali, the brand creates timeless and powerful jewelry. With the purpose of spreading tolerance and sustainability, BON HOPE increases the love for our planet. As a result, leave aside the fast fashion industry. However, tops our most elegant Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts 🎁

TRUTHBRUSH for your Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift

Bamboo Toothbrush With Plant-Based Bristles

TRUTHBRUSH The multi-award-winning beautiful bamboo toothbrush with plant-based bristles 📸 The Clean Market Eco-Friendly Online Store

One of the most popular products among eco-friendly followers is a toothbrush. Every year over a billion plastic toothbrushes end up floating in the sea or lost in our beaches. Therefore we should change to a sustainable and biodegradable toothbrush. In other words, we present you with the perfect Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift TRUTHBRUSH. The beautiful bamboo toothbrush. In conclusion, the toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo and plant-based. Likewise, all packaging is fully recyclable and shipping is carbon neutral! 🎋


Three Trees For Every Purchase

Yuggen Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set

Another suggestion is the reusable cutlery travel set. Similarly to the products above, the production is eco-friendly and made of bamboo. But most important for every purchase made the company plant 3 trees. What makes Yuggen the perfect and affordable Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts. 🎄

🌴 See our suggestion in the information box or click here to find the most elegant straw hat.

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