Dress Up Like Jean Milburn

Because we've never related to Ruby as much we did this moment

Comedy-drama, Sex comedy, Teen drama
Created by
Laurie Nunn
Executive producer(s)
Jamie Campbell, Ben Taylor
Original network
Jean Melburn -Jumpsuit
Release Date
Mars 19, 2020

Gillian Anderson’s character in the Netflix series, Sex Education is all about women’s empowerment and sexiness. Because being sexy doesn’t make you weak or less independent, embrace it and dress up like Jean Milburn.

The jumpsuit is one-peace apparel, it combines a top woven with attached trousers. Playsuits or rompers are the same versions but with shorts. The sleeveless one-piece dress typically wore over a woven top is a Jumper.

Usually, pantsuits are the one won’t go garment. We adore it, we think about it but it represents that difficult love-hate drama. In other words, it’s not practical. Because it transforms every travel to the bathroom into a desperate experience.

But for that, Netflix brought up Jean Milburn the perfect representation of an empowering woman who will never give up on one piece-cloth for being too complicated. Therefore, Jean made us fall in love again with the dramatic jumpsuit. And here we are open our closet door to that complicated love. In the same fashion appreciation, made by Ruby, Mimi Keene character: We covet her pantsuit. ❥

Do you want to dress up like Jean Milburn?

?See our direct suggestion in the information box or click here and dress up like Jean Milburn, from the Netflix series, Sex Education. In case you are looking for a navy blue jumpsuit.

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