Dress Up Like BlackPink Lisa in Kill This Love

Dress Up Like BlackPink Lisa in Kill This Love Music Video

BlackPink in your area!

Dress ,.mUp Like BlackPink Lisa in Kill This Love Music Video
Release Date
April 4, 2019

BlackPink Lisa ruling your area!

The Kill This Love music video shows the girl’s determination to end a harmful relationship. In this video, we feel that the K-Pop girl group is ready to move on. So, they use high fashion powerful looks covered in Tomb Raider and Suicide Squad – inspired outfits. Typical clothing for women determined and committed to themselves.

‘’Here I come kickin’ the door‘’ is Lisa opening rap, while breaking in an aesthetic cereal room with thigh-high boots and a colorful coat. Going to the meaning that the day begins with a cereal breakfast, the moment appears to stand for the wake-up call to move on. The occasion is serious and shows, in T-Swift vibes, how BlackPink Lisa enters a room to break it all down in a high-fashion freakish look.

The clip is artful and eye-catchy along with the determinant glance given by the youngest member. The designer clothes not just complete the moment, but transformed the scene in a very favorite one. It gives the singer and the outfit a powerful stage.

Due to the meaning, and for the reason that ‘’After a sweethi’, there’s always a bitterbye’’’, we help you to find out a move on with a fake fur coat, for you to kick in the door to new adventures and ambitions. For that, just Dress Up Like BlackPink Lisa 💎

Did you know this about BlackPink Lisa?

BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love M/V  is a record-breaker, with 56,7 million views in its first 24 hours, as already surpassed 550 million views on YouTube just in 140 days. Lisa is the youngest member of the group. The main dancer and lead rapper own the title of most-followed K-Pop Idol on Instagram. She had more than 24 million followers and counting…

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