Blackpink Lisa major throwback to Beyoncé bandana top

The tribut that we didn't know we need it

Blackpink Lisa major throwback to Beyonce bandana top different look

Like a fusion between a crop top and a handkerchief, the bandana raised from the ’90s as the most badass accessory. Worn by all the pop royalty in the first place.

Bandana in Clothes

The bandanas were popular in the Hip-Hop, RnB and Rock culture. They become so wanted that the fashion industry doesn’t limit themselves just to stylize the accessory. But fusion it within other clothes, a trend that we have seen today’s brands recreate.

The sky wasn’t the limit when we talk about blend bandanas to clothes. As a result, we can see it in every type of wardrobe, as a full print or as details. Although we associate the bandanas to summer, as well as to tops, the jackets give it, in fact, a very badass look.

As can be seen BLACKPINK Lisa brought all the nostalgia back. She transforms one the group bandana’s merch into a bandana top as Beyoncé did in 2000 show. That time was the Destiny Child’s Say My Name era.

Blackpink Lisa major throwback to Beyoncé bandana top
The Queen, Beyoncé, 2000

Today as new pop royalty, the maknae from the K-Pop girl group paid a beautiful tribute, in fashion aways, to Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child era, proving that ’90s trends will continue to prevail today with a contemporary twist. 

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